Matt and Elizabeth have plenty of housesitting, pet sitting and pet ownership between the two of them. They have a big heart to travel slowly, meet the locals, and experience life through their eyes. There is really no better way to do this than by house and pet sitting. They’ve each owned several cats and fish. Matt grew up in a home that at various points played host to just about every animal you can own indoors: cats, dogs, mice, rats, gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, spiders, snakes, birds of various kinds, lizards and iguanas. They take a lot of pride in hospitality, so whether that’s lawn care, watering the plants, walking the dogs, or just taking out the trash, you can entrust them with all of your most important things!

Here are just a few references. Contact us for more.

“Matt and Elizabeth were phenomenal! We cherish their friendship, and their conscientious care for our home and our dog was just as we expected: beyond compare! Our dog is our son; we travel frequently and always keep him at a professional (and, okay, pricey) dog boarding facility during these trips. Elizabeth and Matt were the first to care for our home and our dog without us. But we felt at ease with him in their care! They were thoughtful, kind and trustworthy. Our dog was also in the middle of allergy season when they watched him, but administering his eye treatment was no sweat for Elizabeth and Matt! Unsurprisingly, we returned to a home exactly the way we left it, and to a happy and cared-for dog. We highly recommend them!”

“Matt and Elizabeth went above and beyond expectations in caring for our home and dog. We returned home to a clean house and happy pup! They sent us updates/photos throughout the week and were very easy to communicate with. I was very impressed with their level of care, attention to detail and responsibility. I would heartily recommend them to anyone! All around, an awesome couple to work with!”

“Matt and Elizabeth are the best neighbors you could ask for. When Matt heard that I was paying a dog walker every week to take Dandy out, he offered to walk him since he works from home. He said it would be a good excuse to take a break every day from the computer. He has been really reliable and I don’t have to worry about Dandy getting enough exercise while I am away at work. I can tell he genuinely cares for Dandy. He treats him like it was his own dog. He even taught him a new trick. Speak! I’ll be really bummed to see them leave on their travels. Consider yourself lucky if these folks offer to take care of your animals.”