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So we’ve arrived in Johor Bahru, which is in the south of Malaysia right near Singapore. Tonight we will participate in our first Chinese New Year’s Eve dinner, a special meal kicking off the celebrations and a reunion meal for family members. The transportation isn’t quite so gummed up as what’s going on in China, but it’s such a serious undertaking for all Chinese people that it’s the largest annual people migration on earth

Tomorrow we’ll move to Melaka to continue the celebrations with my friend’s family. I’ll share pictures of everything later this week. I left my camera on accident in a restaurant yesterday and miraculously our AirBnB host was able to go get it back for us today and will be sending it in an Uber to the airport on Saturday just as our bus is arriving there. Consequently, pictures this week will be from my phone. We’re really grateful to have friends in KL to handle all that, because otherwise this would have been a lot harder to manage since we left KL very early this morning.

The quick news I wanted to post today is that we made a last-minute change of plans for our next hop. Initially we were planning to spend 6 weeks in Thailand in various locations, but the visa wait time wasn’t working out at the Thai embassy. At the same time, a last-minute housesit came through that I’d send a “let’s just see if this bites” note out to a week ago. And this housesit is in Bali!! So we’ll be headed to Indonesia for 3 – 4 weeks to live in a house right by the beach and take care of this family’s 5 dogs and 3 cats. They have staff that take care of everything else around the house like cleaning, laundry and yard/pool work. But, since dogs and cats aren’t valued as pets in Indonesia, she said that when she leaves the pets with her staff while she’s away, they feed them but don’t show them any attention. So there’s no chores except for walking a pack of dogs, petting some cats, and loving on all of them, so it should be a really fun time. We are so stoked to be in such a beautiful location and to have our housing taken care of. We’ll head there on Saturday, grabbing our camera (fingers crossed) along the way!


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